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    About is an online source of affirmations, inspirational quotes and self-improvement techniques. At you will discover the power of affirmations and how to incorporate this powerful self-development tool into your daily life. Coupled with Positive Thinking, Affirmations will help you realize and achieve your inner most dreams and goals. We strive to educate and inform the online community on how these simple life affirming techniques can help you live a better quality of life.

    How to Use Affirmations

    Using Affirmations is a powerful self-development technique that can help us achieve our goals, dreams and a better quality of life. Affirmations help re-enforce the positive attributes and characteristics we desire. To effectively use and achieve the most out of our affirmations we need to follow some simple guidelines.

    Take the 7-Day Affirmation Challenge

    Don't know where to Start? Start with the 7-Day Affirmation Exercise! Just follow the simple step to start your affirmations today. Please feel free to modify the affirmation to fit your situation or desired outcomes. Affirmation Exercise

    List of Affirmations

    Need some affirmation ideas to get started? Choose from many great affirmations and change them to fit your needs. Affirmations are also categorized to allow you to concentrate on a specific area of your life for improvement. Choose from the following or browse through the list of affirmations:

    Great Self-Development Products

    Self-Improvement is a journey and not a destination. Since you are the most important factor in your own success, an investment in yourself is absolutely necessary for you to achieve your goals, dreams and happiness. Every year you should take a small percentage of your income, 3% to 5%, to invest in self-development products. Here you will find highly recommended products that have been long time classics for many successful people as well as comprehensive product reviews that can help you make the best decision. Self-Development Products

    Affirmation News

    Affirmation News provides the latest news updates about affirmations, positive thinking and self-development. Find out how millions of successful people use affirmations and positive thinking to discover their purpose and success. Read Affirmation News

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