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    Inner Peace Affirmations

    Inner Peace Affirmations are positive statements that can help us achieve or maintain a level of peace, calmness and well-being. Daily pressures, demands and events can cause us to be taken out of our peace. Whenever we feel stressed or angry it is usually because we have lost something whether it is a tangible item, feeling of security or a rhythm. The more you focus on what you have lost, the more you will lose. Once you recognize what it is that you have lost, then accept it and move on. You can also use these affirmations to help you stay focused on what's important in your life; peace and well-being. Before you begin, make sure you know how to use affirmations. You can also change or modify the following affirmations to best fit your situation or style.


    • I am in full control of my thoughts and emotions.

    • I am connected to the source energy which provides me divine well being, infinite abundance and faith in my abilities to attract and create positive outcome in any situation.

    • I am optimistic and I have great attitude towards everything.

    • I feel a great sense of happiness, security and well-bring in my life.

    • I feel grateful and lucky for all the abundance that flows into my life.

    • I accept myself with complete love and appreciation.

    • I feel divine well-being, happiness and appreciation.

    • I deserve great success and abundance.

    • I am optimistic and I believe in abundance.

    • I feel a divine sense of well being, an abundance of positive energy and an absolute faith in my purpose.

    • I feel confident and assured of myself and my purpose.

    • I am a channel of peace and well-being.

    • I am secure now.

    • I am peaceful and calm in any situation.

    • People feel peaceful, comfortable and good around me.

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