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    Weight Loss Affirmations

    Weight Loss Affirmations are positive statements designed to help you stayed focused on your health, exercise and eating habits. Developing or maintaining a positive attitude towards your health and exercise allows you to move towards your desired weight goal. You weight is not the determining factor for your health; staying active and feeling healthy from the foods that you eat are vital to your overall well-being.

    Although affirmations are NOT intended to replace expert medical advice or treatment, it is a great tool to train your mind to stay motivated with healthier habits and life-style. Before you begin, make sure you know how to use affirmations. You can also change or modify the following affirmations to best fit your situation or style. *Remember- The most effective way to move towards your goals is to write your affirmations as if you have already achieved your goal.


    • I choose to eat foods that are healthy for my body.

    • I appreciate and treat my body like a temple which is housing my soul.

    • I feel motivated and good about staying active and exercising.

    • I am proud of myself. I stay fit, active and in excellent shape.

    • I can overcome negative addictions to food and substances.

    • I have a very health and well balanced eating habit.

    • I have a positive attitude towards myself.

    • I eat healthy foods that nourish my body and soul.

    • I am in excellent health and I feel great everyday.

    • My family is healthy and happy.

    • I have excellent self-control and eat only what is necessary and healthy.

    • I am optimistic and I feel great about my progress.

    • I have divine love for myself and I am beautiful the way I am.

    • I am connected to the source energy within me which provides me with a divine abundance of health, well-being and happiness.

    • My life and my health get better and better everyday.

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