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    Day 4 Affirmation Exercise

    Welcome to Day 4 of your affirmation exercise! You're more than half way there! Keeping focused on your positive affirmations is vital. Whenever you are feeling negative, just keep repeating the positive affirmations to yourself and just know that it is working. If you're like most people, you've spent a huge part of your life, unknowingly, being self-defeating and negative to yourself. You can undo the damage by directly talking and affirming yourself to a positive state; this is why affirmations are so powerful. Some of the affirmations you create will come to you rather quickly and some will take time to manifest. The important thing is to stay focus and commit to doing you affirmation exercises. Affirmations should be done for at least 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes in the evening. It is best if you keep your affirmations private since this is between you and your higher self.

    Start by writing each affirmation 5 times, in cursive and repeating it out loud as you write it. Keep in mind you need to really believe in your affirmation as if it was already 100% true. Then with the same frame of mind, move yourself in front of a mirror and repeat your affirmations 10 times and look yourself directly in the eyes. Let's Begin!

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    • I feel confident in my communication skills.

    • I am in control of my emotions and thoughts.

    • I attract to me a fun, exciting and happy life.

    • Anything that comes up is meant to be handled, healed, learned from and released.

    • I release any need to judge myself or others.

    • My life is filled with joy, laughter and happiness everyday.

    • I have the confidence and charming abilities to have interesting conversations with anyone at any time.

    • I am grateful for everything in my life and even the lessons.

    • I love my job and it is in harmony with my purpose and perfection.

    • I feel happy, secure, and peaceful.

    Although affirmations are NOT intended to replace expert medical advice or treatment, it is a great tool to train your mind to stay motivated and focused on your positive desires. You can also change or modify the following affirmations to best fit your situation or style. *Remember- The most effective way to move towards your goals is to write your affirmations as if you have already achieved your goal.

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