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    Affirmations can help you overcome fears

    Do you wake up in the middle of the night with a recurring dream of being in a sinking ship? Do you dream of being on a merry-go-round that never stops? Do you sometimes think of yourself as just an insignificant clerk in that huge Fortune 500 company where you are employed? Are you afraid that your co-worker might be spreading rumors about you? Or does that scratching sound in your walls at night force your imagination into overdrive with fears that soon that trapped rodent will eventually gnaw its way into your safe haven?

    Whether your fears surface while you are sleeping, or while you are daydreaming, they can be incapacitating. Say, for example, there's been a position with greater responsibility available for some time at your job. You are certainly qualified, as you've worked there for many years, and even filled in for the person who held that position before she left to relocate. But, lacking confidence, you are afraid of confrontations. You'd rather walk through hot coals than ask for that job.

    Only you can change your thought patterns from negative or self-defeating, to positive and self-affirming. Think out loud, preferably in front of a mirror: "I see myself in this position and I am doing a great job. My supervisor is always complimenting me and saying that I am a 'natural' here." Affirmations have been shown to work in the face of fears. Be strong and confident. People like Louise L. Hay,, have helped many overcome their fears. Or listen to the many excellent CDs by Belleruth Naparstek,

    I've listened to Belleruth's "Affirmations" CD almost every night for the past four years and not only find it relaxing, it has changed my outlook on life and my interactions with people. When you face your fears, it can help you to understand where they are coming from and how you can short-circuit them, turning a negative experience into a positive one.

    Never fear your dreams. You can use them to create new opportunities. Begin to see yourself as a seed in a garden of soon-to-be blooming, gorgeous perennials. Allow yourself to be nurtured and to grow.

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