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    Positive attitude is key attribute

    Successful small businesses come in all sizes and specialties. Their leaders share one essential attribute — positive, can-do attitudes that transcend everything they do.

    Believing in yourself and your ability to succeed does more than simply sustain you through the challenges of getting your business started. It also spreads through your company and beyond.

    When you enthusiastically ''walk the talk'' and follow through on your commitments, your managers and employees perform their jobs with more confidence. Vendors, customers and prospects know that you will come through for them as well.

    Among the ways you can make successful thinking contagious in your business is by emphasizing long-term potential over short-term thinking.

    Leaders of high-performance businesses innovate rather than hesitate. They shun the status quo as they seek to spark new interest and enthusiasm inside the business. They also encourage their staff to capitalize on successes and make and learn from mistakes.

    It's a given that working productively will help build your business. But generating creativity and passion for what your business does, no matter how seemingly mundane, is a hallmark of a high-performance business. They needn't be grandiose concepts. Simply going out of your way to help a customer in an unusual fashion qualifies.

    Emphasize the collective success of your business as a whole, not of an individual, project or product. You can accelerate success by identifying profitable activities and making them happen even more quickly and flawlessly.

    Open the lines of communication. Generally, those around you need more information, not less, to be successful. Let people know where you think the business needs to go, the problems it faces and what keeps you up at night. That makes it easier for you to involve them in finding solutions to your biggest challenges. Ask their advice about what you are doing right, what hurts and what needs fixing. It gives everyone a personal stake in your success.

    That old axiom, ''If it isn't broke, don't fix it!'' makes sense. However, don't let it make you turn a blind eye to new ideas, even those that sound silly or outlandish. That off-the-wall suggestion just might be your next big success!

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