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    The power of positive thinking

    A man and his wife were on a tour around Beverley Hills, California, USA. They passed a magnificent bungalow. The man remarked: "Wow! That's a fabulous place! I can never even dream of owning anything like that!" And God listened and said: "Well, then you probably won't!"

    There are certain principles one should use to examine how positive affirmations work. Primarily, we need to understand that our physical universe is basically composed of a force called 'energy'. If we accept that physically we are all energy and everything around us is made up of energy, then we can accept that we are all part of one great energy field. A law of energy states that energy of a certain quality or vibration tends to attract energy of similar quality or vibration. Thoughts and feelings too have their own 'magnetic' energy, which attracts energy of a similar nature. Don't believe me? Then how come when you are 'thinking' of a person, he suddenly calls up or when you are looking for some information or answers, you'll just 'happen' to pick up the book that contains what you need?

    When we create something, we always first think it and then follow it with action. The thought, 'let me go for a walk' precedes your actually stepping out. Even artists, writers, architects first have a thought and then creation follows the blueprint of the idea. Thus, the idea magnetises the energy. Even simply having an idea and holding on to it will tend to attract that form on the physical plane. If you constantly think of illness, you will end up falling ill. On the other hand, if you think that you are a cheerful and attractive person, you will end up being one. It's a self-fulfilling prophecy!

    And so, whatever you generate into the universe will come back to you. If you are negative, fearful and insecure, you will attract those types of people and situations. But if you envision happiness, pleasure and satisfaction, you will attract and create events and experiences that prove fulfilling.

    All of us have a continuous 'inner dialogue' happening in our minds. The mind is incessantly 'talking' to itself, commenting on the world, events, people, thoughts, etc. Most of the time we aren't even consciously aware of this stream of thought, yet, these form the basis on which we form our experiences of reality. If we step back and observe these thoughts, we'll see that they are like tape recordings of old patterns, which are still influencing what happens to us today.

    The practice of doing affirmations allows us to begin replacing some of these old, stale and worn-out mind chatter with positive thoughts and concepts. This powerful technique can transform our attitudes and expectations about life and thereby totally change what we create for ourselves.

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