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    Speed the Law of Attraction with Vision Board of the 21st Century

    by Chance Cole

    Chance Cole, the creator of , has made a revolutionary breakthrough while applying Brain Wave Entrainment technology to The Law of Attraction. Cole says, "Since I was a child I’ve had trouble sleeping. I’ve had expensive sleep studies and tried almost every conceivable solution to my insomnia. Since discovering Brain Wave Entrainment I have not had a sleepless night. It has literally changed my life. Few people know that it’s possible to manipulate your state of mind by exposure to an external stimulus. Most people are able to benefit from Brain Wave Entrainment without any specialized equipment, training, or a significant learning curve."

    Completely convinced that Brain Wave Entrainment worked, Cole began to research the technology. He was so impressed with the technology that he began using it to meditate--something he had never been able to do effectively on his own.

    For many years, Cole had also been using Vision Boards on a daily basis to help him focus on his goals. Vision Boarding is an effective technique that was traditionally done by cutting out desired images from magazines and pasting them on a board for daily viewing. However, Electronic Vision Boards have been gaining popularity on personal computers.

    Through discussions with other members of his Mastermind team, he began to wonder if anything existed that combined Brain Wave Entrainment with an Electronic Vision Board. Finding nothing like this on the market, he decided that many people would benefit from the marriage of these two technologies.

    The idea was to create an audio-visual program that slowly ramps the listener’s brain waves down to the meditative theta wave state and then exposes the receptive viewer to images of their desire. Cole says, "I knew that if I could communicate these images directly to my subconscious mind, then I could quickly and easily put the Law of Attraction to work in my life."

    The Law of Attraction has recently been made popular with the publication of The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. This law states that if you hold desired images in your mind, your subconscious will begin to manifest that reality in your life. So if you desire more peace, money, health, or better relationships, you must simply focus on those desires consistently. "It is difficult for the subconscious to learn new ideas. Brain Wave Entrainment makes the subconscious a better learner." according to Cole.

    The challenge for most is that to effectively communicate desires to their subconscious mind, they must set aside time to quietly meditate and envision these thoughts. "The most efficient way to get what it is that you want is to let the subconscious do the heavy lifting. The subconscious is the mind that is responsible for keeping your heart beating and your lungs breathing. With programs from Get the Dream LLC, the manifestation of your ideal life becomes as automatic as breathing. Why? Because the subconscious mind does what it is directed to do." says Cole.

    These programs are so powerful because the audio/visual programs weave together Brain Wave Entrainment with a beautiful Electronic Vision Board that is unique to each product. The programs guide the brain into a theta (meditative) wave state and then expose the subconscious mind to a series of desired images and affirmations. The viewer/listener is then returned to an alert state of mind to carry on with their daily activities. The entire process lasts for only 20 minutes.

    Manifesting your dream life with programs from Get the Dream LLC requires no special skills or meditative ability. You simply need a personal computer with either Windows Media Player or Real Player installed, both of which are available for free download. A high speed internet connection is recommended for downloading the products.

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